How to Choose the Best Meal Prep Containers for Your Needs

If you’re thinking about stocking up on meal prep containers, there are a few key factors to remember. Consider things like material, set variety, and leak-proofness.

For example, a salad that gets dressed too early can turn into a soggy mess; these plastic containers keep produce fresh longer and even feature a plate and dressing cup for a takeout-worthy lunch.


The material used to make the containers is a big consideration for many shoppers. Plastic meal prep containers can leach BPA and other harmful chemicals into your food, so glass is generally considered the superior option.

The glass set from Prep Naturals is made from durable borosilicate glass and eco-friendly bamboo lids, so it’s safe for your food and the environment. Plus, the set is microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

The set has various stackable sizes, ideal for meal prep, and larger containers for leftovers or large meals like soup or enchiladas. The lids snap shut tightly and are airtight enough to keep the contents odor-free, which is great for those with picky eaters!


The size of the meal prep containers you choose depends on how much food you plan to prepare at a time and how you’ll store it. For example, if you prefer to pack a salad with dressing on the side, you’ll want a slim container to fit into your lunch bag without too much space.

A good meal prep container is sturdy enough to handle repeated use, freezing, reheating, and washing. The most durable options have an airtight seal and a robust design that keeps food from absorbing odors.

If you’re a commuter, consider getting a glass meal prep container set that fits in your backpack or tote bag. These are made from borosilicate glass, which is strong and durable. They’re also see-through, microwave-safe, and nonporous, so they won’t absorb odors or stains.


Meal prep containers come in a variety of shapes. Other options include color-coded containers to distinguish between meals in your refrigerator quickly. This feature is ideal for keeping salad dressings and other liquids separate from your main meal and sides.

Many containers also come with dividers to help with meal portioning and satisfy picky eaters. They may also come with lids that lock in place to prevent accidental spillage or leaking, and some can be used for freezer and microwave use. This makes them a convenient choice for busy lifestyles.


Meal prep containers help make healthy eating easier. They also allow you to save money by buying ingredients in bulk and batch cooking. The best meal prep containers are leak-proof and airtight, so foods don’t absorb odors.

The type of container you choose is a matter of personal preference and depends on how often you plan to use it. Consider size, shape, material, and whether the containers fit in your fridge and freezer.

These BPA-free containers from Igluu are tailor-made for meal prep, with single or dual compartments to separate your food. They’re microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe, and the lids are smartly designed to lock in liquids and prevent spills. This is a high-quality, durable set that’s not too expensive.


Meal prep containers can be found in a variety of colors and styles. Some are plastic, while others are glass. Both types have advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs. Plastic containers are lighter, making them easier to carry while on the go. Glass containers, on the other hand, are more durable and may better resist staining.

Some meal prep containers are designed with extra features, such as silverware and condiment compartments. These are great options for people who want to streamline their morning routine or reduce clutter in their bags.

Another option is to use reusable storage solutions which take up less drawer space than bulky meal prep containers. They’re also microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe and help keep food fresher for longer.

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