Making Money From Writing – Writing Articles Online

Making money from writing was once the province of professional writers. The only people who made money with their writing skills were copywriters, journalists and authors. Most of those writers had obtained college degrees or had trained at special journalism classes. It was hard to get started in a writing career. To become a successful copywriter or journalist, you would have to overcome stiff competition; to become a published author meant you would have to work without pay until your work was ready to be published.

The internet has changed all that.

To make money online writing articles you do not need to be a professional writer (in fact you don’t need to be a professional at anything to be able to earn money from writing online). You do not need to have a college degree or special diploma to make money from article writing; the one thing you do need is the ability to communicate in writing. Sound simple? Well, it is.

You do need to have a couple of things to make money from writing.

Making money from writing online is something anyone can do provided they have the ability to write simple articles in good English. To have “good English” for the purpose of writing online, you must have the ability to spell correctly and to know how to use proper grammar and correct punctuation.

Who Will Pay For The Articles You Write?

Owners of niche marketing websites are constantly on the lookout for well-written articles to use as website content. Articles on every subject imaginable are wanted for posting on blogs and information websites. The reason articles are in demand in this way is that fresh content on a website can improve the site’s position in search results. The higher up the page of a Google search page, the more likely it is that people will visit the website; once at the website, there is a possibility that the visitors will be converted into customers.

Writing Short Articles For Online Newsletters

Internet marketers also use articles as content for newsletters which are circulated to their customer list. A newsletter can be just in a straightforward email format, or it can be a document posted online (reading a newsletter at the website is often easier than reading the email format). As a newsletter will normally contain more than one article plus news and advertising, shorter articles are idea for publishing in newsletters.

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