Wow! Wow! Great earth watering prize from Samsung! Buy the latest Galaxy A smartphone in 2022 and win a total of 60 Suzuki NEX Crossover 2022…!

(Phnom Penh) May 24, 2022: More shaking…! More shaking…! Even more exciting with the biggest earth watering promotion ever in Cambodia! All customers will have a chance to win a motorcycleSuzuki NEX Crossover 2022 offers up to 60 units for every smartphone purchase: Galaxy A13 | Galaxy A23 | Galaxy A33 5G | Galaxy A53 5G and Galaxy A73 5G 2022 from Samsung official distribution stores from today until August 16, 2022!

Absolutely amazing! All customers who simply purchase any of the above Galaxy A 2022 models at any of Samsung’s official dealerships nationwide and during the above dates will receive one voucher for every chance to win a Suzuki NEX Crossover 2022. Once every 2 weeks (6 times)!

Please be informed that Samsung will be looking for its lucky customers by drawing lots to give away 10 lucky Suzuki NEX Crossover 2022 motorcycles with a total of up to 60 units! So, customers who wish to have a stylish smartphone and a chance to win this great prize… Do not forget to hurry! It can be said that this opportunity is really special than ever!

* Terms and Conditions:
1. This program is for customers who have purchased the Galaxy A Series 2022 as mentioned above, with a valid warranty from today until August 16, 2022 only!
2. Customers must fill in the same name as in the ID card, gender, age, province / city, phone number, ID card number and stick the IMEI sticker on the ballot!
3. The draw will be broadcast live on Bayon TV from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm!
1. The first draw on June 11, 2022
2. The second draw on June 25, 2022
3. The third draw on July 9, 2022
4. The fourth draw on the 23rd July 2022
5. 5th draw on 6 August 2022
6. 6th draw on 20 August 2022
4. A customer can win only one prize if the customer wins more than 1 prize
. Give only 1 prize. And the prize will be drawn to give to other customers.
5. Winners will be announced on Samsung’s official Facebook page and other media
6. Winners must come to receive the prize in person and must bring their ID card and phone purchased with them. The company will verify the phone IMEI number before handing over the prize.
7. In case the winner can not be contacted through the phone number filled in the ballot within 3 days after the draw, the prize will be void!
8. All expenses (travel, accommodation, meals, etc.) for opening the prize is the responsibility of the winner!
9. Samsung employees, Samsung distributors and phone shop owners are not allowed to participate in this lottery!
10. Samsung reserves the right to use pictures and details of the winners for advertising purposes.
11. The company reserves the right to change the lottery conditions without prior notice.
Faster! Get both modern and outstanding smartphones ឱកាស and a chance to win a new Suzuki NEX Crossover 2022! Do not miss this wonderful opportunity!

For more details, please visit our nearest Samsung Direct Distribution Store nationwide or visit Facebook: SamsungCambodia, IG: samsungcambodia, TikTok: samsungcambodia or contact us Free 24/7 Customer Service at: 1800-20 32 32!
* Various conditions apply!

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