Bear Bricks: Unraveling the Quirky World of Collectible Art Figures

If you’ve ever stumbled upon the world of Bearbricks, you might be wondering why these little creatures are causing such a buzz in the collector’s community. Fear not, for we’re here to guide you through the whimsical world of Bearbricks with a sprinkle of humor and a dash of simplicity.

Why is Bearbrick so expensive?

First things first, why are Bearbricks so darn expensive? It’s a question that’s left many scratching their heads. You see, these little guys are like the celebrity divas of the toy world. They come in limited editions, and some are even designed by famous artists. So, think of them as the haute couture of collectibles.

🐻💰 Bearbrick Bling: When it comes to Bearbricks, you’re not just buying a toy; you’re investing in a piece of art. It’s like having a tiny Picasso on your shelf, except cuter.

What is a Bearbrick?

Okay, let’s break it down. A Bearbrick is a little plastic figure with movable joints. But here’s the kicker – it’s shaped like a bear! Hence the name. These quirky critters come in different sizes, from itty-bitty 100% Bearbricks to towering 1000% giants.

🧸 Teddy with a Twist: Imagine if your teddy bear went to an art school and came out all cool and edgy. That’s a Bearbrick for you.

How much does Bearbrick cost?

Now, the price tag on these bears can range from a few bucks to thousands of dollars. It all depends on the size, design, and rarity. Think of it like shopping for cars – a compact 100% Bearbrick is your economical hatchback, while a limited-edition 1000% Bearbrick is the flashy sports car.

💰 Pricey Hobbies: Collecting Bearbricks might drain your wallet faster than a shopping spree during a Black Friday sale. But hey, it’s cheaper than buying a sports car, right?

What are Bearbricks made of?

Bearbricks are crafted from plastic, but not your run-of-the-mill plastic. They’re made with a special type of plastic called polyvinyl chloride or PVC. It’s durable, flexible, and perfect for those fancy joints that let your Bearbrick strike all those cute poses.

🪆 Plastic Fantastic: PVC is the superhero of plastics, making Bearbricks resilient enough to withstand years of posing, prodding, and playful adventures.

Who is the owner of Bearbrick?

Meet the puppeteer behind these bear-shaped marionettes: Medicom Toy Incorporated. It’s a Japanese company that’s been pulling the strings in the toy industry since 1996. So, if you’ve ever wondered who’s responsible for the Bearbrick craze, you can thank these creative minds.

🎪 Behind the Curtain: Medicom Toy is like the ringmaster of the Bearbrick circus, orchestrating every performance.

Are Bearbricks worth the money?

This is the million-dollar question, quite literally. Whether Bearbricks are worth the investment depends on your love for art, design, and collecting. If you’re passionate about these things, then absolutely! But if you’re not into tiny plastic bears, you might want to spend your cash elsewhere.

💸 Worth It or Not?: It’s like trying to decide if that fancy latte is worth the price – it all comes down to personal preference.

Is Bearbrick a toy?

Yes and no. Bearbricks may look like toys, but they’re also coveted as art pieces. Think of them as the lovechild of a collectible figurine and a stylish home decoration.

🧩 Toy or Not to Toy: Bearbricks are like the Meryl Streep of the toy world – versatile and highly acclaimed.

What is the world’s largest Bearbrick collection?

There are folks out there with collections that rival the Louvre (well, almost). The Guinness World Record for the largest Bearbrick collection belongs to Daniel Rozin, who owns a staggering 1,388 unique Bearbricks!

🏆 Bearbrick Buff: Daniel Rozin might have more Bearbricks than you have socks, and that’s saying something.

How big is a 1000% Bearbrick?

Hold on to your hats because a 1000% Bearbrick is a behemoth, standing at a whopping 70 centimeters or about 28 inches tall. It’s like having a miniature giant in your room.

🐻📏 Size Matters: This isn’t your typical teddy bear. It’s more like a teddy bear on steroids.

Which Bearbrick is rare?

Rarity is the spice of the collectibles world, and some Bearbricks are as rare as a unicorn wearing sunglasses. Limited editions and collaborations with famous artists often fetch the highest prices.

🌟 Unicorn Bearbricks: If you spot one of these rare gems, consider yourself luckier than finding a four-leaf clover.

How big is a 400% Bearbrick?

A 400% Bearbrick is like the Goldilocks of the bunch – not too big, not too small, just right. It stands at 28 centimeters or around 11 inches tall, making it the perfect size for display.

🐻📐 Just Right: This Bearbrick size is the Goldilocks of the bunch, fitting comfortably in most collections.

Where do you put Bearbrick?

Ah, the eternal question! You can put your Bearbrick just about anywhere you want. Some people display them on shelves, others on their desks, and some even use them as a conversation piece on their dining tables.

🏠 Bearbrick Home: Your Bearbrick’s home is wherever you decide to put it. Just don’t be surprised if it starts making suggestions.

How big is a 100% Bearbrick?

A 100% Bearbrick is the tiniest member of the Bearbrick family, standing at a cute 7 centimeters or about 2.8 inches tall. It’s like a pocket-sized friend who’s always ready for an adventure.

🐻📏 Small and Mighty: Don’t underestimate the 100% Bearbrick; it may be small, but it’s full of character.

How big is a 200% Bearbrick?

A 200% Bearbrick is double the size of its 100% sibling, standing at 14 centimeters or around 5.5 inches tall. It’s like the teenager of the Bearbrick family – still small but with a bit more attitude.

👶🏻📏 Teenage Bearbrick: The 200% Bearbrick is where things start getting a little more interesting in terms of size and detail.

How tall is a 200 Bearbrick?

If you’re wondering how tall a 200 Bearbrick is, you might be expecting it to be monumental. But in reality, it’s a mere 1.5 centimeters or just over half an inch tall.

📏🐜 Tiny Titans: These little guys are like ants in the Bearbrick world, but they’re just as fascinating.

How do I identify Bearbrick?

Identifying a Bearbrick is like recognizing your best friend in a crowd – you just know it when you see it. Look for the bear-shaped figure with movable joints, and you’re on the right track.

🧐🐻 Bear-y Easy: Spotting a Bearbrick is a breeze once you’ve seen one. It’s like finding Waldo, but without the striped shirt.

Is Bearbricks a limited edition?

Many Bearbricks are indeed limited editions, which is why they can become so valuable. Limited releases are like the golden tickets of the Bearbrick world, and collectors go to great lengths to get their hands on them.

🎟️ Golden Ticket: Limited-edition Bearbricks are like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets – rare and highly sought after.

How big is a Bearbrick 44?

A Bearbrick 44 is 44 centimeters or roughly 17 inches tall. It’s like the superstar of the 400% Bearbricks, adding a little extra height and flair to your collection.

🌟✨ Superstar Bearbrick: The Bearbrick 44 is the Beyoncé of the Bearbrick world – larger than life and always in the spotlight.

How big is 100% and 400% Bearbrick?

A 100% Bearbrick is 7 centimeters tall, while a 400% Bearbrick is 28 centimeters tall. So, a 400% Bearbrick is four times the size of a 100% Bearbrick.

🐻📏 Size Matters: When it comes to Bearbricks, size can make a world of difference in how they stand out in your collection.

How many Bearbricks are in a case?

A standard case of Bearbricks typically contains 24 individual figures. It’s like a treasure chest filled with these adorable collectibles.

🎁🐻 Bearbrick Bonanza: Opening a case of Bearbricks is like opening presents on your birthday, but with 24 surprises instead of one.

What is a Bearbrick blind box?

A Bearbrick blind box is like a lucky dip for collectors. You don’t know which specific Bearbrick you’ll get until you open it. It’s a bit like playing roulette, but with cute plastic bears.

🎲🐻 Bearbrick Roulette: Will you hit the jackpot and get your dream Bearbrick, or will you roll the dice and take your chances?

Why do people buy blind boxes?

Buying blind boxes is like buying a mystery novel – the thrill is in not knowing what you’ll get. It’s an adventure, a surprise, and a chance to discover something new.

📚🐻 Mystery Appeal: Blind boxes add an element of excitement to collecting, making it feel like a treasure hunt every time.

What is a blind bag?

A blind bag is similar to a blind box but usually smaller in size. It’s like a mini surprise waiting to be opened, and it often contains a single collectible item, like a Bearbrick.

👜🐻 Pocket-Sized Surprises: Blind bags are like tiny presents that fit right in your pocket, ready to brighten your day.

What do Medicom toys do?

Medicom Toy, the company behind Bearbricks, is known for creating a wide range of collectible toys and figures. From Bearbricks to other collaborations and licensed products, they’re all about bringing joy to collectors.

🎉🧸 Toy Wonderland: Medicom Toy is like the Santa Claus of the collectibles world, spreading joy with their imaginative creations.

Can you make money from Bearbricks?

While Bearbricks can appreciate in value over time, collecting them should be about passion, not profit. Sure, some rare Bearbricks can fetch a pretty penny, but it’s not a guaranteed investment.

💰🧸 Collector’s Gold: Think of Bearbrick collecting as a labor of love. If you make some money along the way, consider it a bonus.

Is Bearbrick made by KAWS?

Bearbricks and KAWS share a creative connection, but they’re not one and the same. KAWS, a renowned artist and designer, has collaborated with Medicom Toy to create special Bearbrick editions, adding his artistic flair to these collectibles.

🎨🐻 KAWS-tomized Bearbricks: When KAWS gets involved, you know it’s going to be something special.

Is Medicom a Japanese company?

Yes, indeed! Medicom Toy is a Japanese company, hailing from the land of sushi, cherry blossoms, and, of course, Bearbricks.

🍣🎌 Japan’s Gift to the World: Medicom Toy is one of Japan’s coolest exports, bringing joy to collectors worldwide.

Who is the CEO of Medicom toys?

The CEO of Medicom Toy is Tatsuhiko Akashi, the mastermind behind many of your favorite collectibles.

👔🐻 The Bearbrick Commander: Tatsuhiko Akashi is the captain steering the ship of Bearbrick wonders.

Who created Medicom?

Medicom Toy was founded by Tatsuhiko Akashi in 1996, and the rest is collectible history.

🎨🧸 Birth of a Legend: Tatsuhiko Akashi’s creative vision gave birth to the world of Medicom Toy.

Who owns Medicom?

Medicom Toy is privately owned and led by its CEO, Tatsuhiko Akashi. It’s a company fueled by passion and a love for creating unique collectibles.

💼🐻 The Akashi Empire: Tatsuhiko Akashi is the maestro orchestrating the symphony of Medicom Toy’s creative endeavors.


Bearbricks may be little plastic bears, but they’re also symbols of creativity, passion, and a whole lot of fun. Whether you’re collecting them for their artistic value or simply because they make you smile, Bearbricks have carved a unique niche in the world of collectibles. So, whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newbie looking to embark on a whimsical journey, there’s always room for one more Bearbrick on your shelf. Happy collecting, and may your Bearbricks bring joy, laughter, and a touch of quirky charm to your life! 🐻✨

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