Training on “Nutrition and Raising of Infants and Children in the Workplace” will be held in Kep

Training of trainers on “Nutrition and feeding of infants and children” for staff of the project to promote nutrition and feeding of infants and children in factories, enterprises and workplaces will be held in Kep from 1-3 This February 2022.

The training is organized by Helen Keller International and GIZ MUSEFO in collaboration with the National Center for Maternal and Child Health, Ministry of Health, National Nutrition Program and Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU), Canada.

The opening ceremony was held in the presence of several key individuals, including: Dr. Kim Rathna, Director of the National Center for Maternal and Child Health of the Ministry of Health, Ms. Svay Sary, National Nutrition Program Officer, Ms. Gwyneth Cotes, Director of Hepten Keller, Mrs. Dr. Alissa Pries, Nutritionist, Hepburn Keller, and Dr. Sanne Sigh, GIZ’s MUSEFO Project Representative Em Emily Meier, MSVU Canada, Canada, and 20 project staff who will be trainers after This training goes.

This training is aimed at promoting and promoting nutrition and feeding of infants and children to employers, managers, staff, workers in factories, enterprises and workplaces that are the goals of the project.

Through this training, the organization hopes that at the end of this training, all participating trainers will gain knowledge and skills from this training to continue training and provide counseling for infants and children in factories, enterprises and Workplaces where this will be able to provide an important fitting solution.

A qualitative study conducted among factory workers in Kampong Chhnang province found that mothers and caregivers generally shifted from breastfeeding to formula feeding. Formulated, especially during working hours for children aged 3-4 months. In addition to the practice of feeding infants and children incomplete diets for themselves as workers also have serious concerns. A new study has found that factory workers in Cambodia are generally more prone to anemia, underweight and iron deficiency.

Therefore, according to Dr. Kim Rathna, President of the National Center for Maternal and Child Health of the Ministry of Health, also expressed support for this training because it will provide many benefits to Cambodia.

In addition, the doctor claims that the project will also provide a platform for women to have the opportunity to participate in important programs such as nutrition and hygiene education, infant and child rearing education, diet and health advice for women and Labor law, and this is also the implementation of a ‘win-win’ strategic project for employers and employees.

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