Vabbing at the Gym TikTok Video

Are you ready to dive into the world of fitness with a touch of humor? Well, you’re in for a treat because we’re talking about “vabbing” at the gym, and it’s taking TikTok by storm! In this article, we’ll break down what vabbing is, share some funny moments, answer your burning questions, and conclude with a good laugh.

Vabbing at the Gym: A Fun Fitness Trend

Vabbing at the gym, often referred to simply as “vabbing,” is a playful and light-hearted trend that has gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts and social media users. This unique practice involves incorporating dance moves, specifically the “dab,” into your gym routine while documenting it on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The result? A fun and entertaining way to share your fitness journey while spreading positive vibes.

The term “vabbing” is a portmanteau of “vlogging” (video blogging) and “dabbing,” a dance move characterized by pointing one arm upward while bowing your head into the other arm. Vabbing combines the act of vlogging your gym experience with sporadic and often comical dab dance moves thrown in for good measure.

What is Vabbing?

Vabbing, a hilarious and slightly unconventional term, is a blend of two words: “vlogging” and “dabbing.” It’s all about capturing your gym adventures while throwing in some dab dance moves. Think of it as a quirky way to document your fitness journey and add a touch of entertainment to it.

So, how exactly do you vab at the gym?

  1. Bring Your Camera: First things first, you’ll need a smartphone or camera to record your vabbing masterpiece.
  2. Choose Your Gym Outfit: Dress comfortably, but don’t forget to add a little extra flair. Bright colors and funky gym wear are highly encouraged.
  3. Start Your Workout: Begin your regular workout routine while keeping your camera ready for some unexpected dabbing moments.
  4. Dab Away: When the time feels right – maybe after a set of push-ups or lifting some weights – throw in a quick and stylish dab. Don’t forget to maintain your gym etiquette, though!
  5. Capture the Laughs: The key is to capture your own and others’ reactions. Vabbing is all about making people smile, so let your contagious energy spread through the gym.

Funny Vabbing Moments

Now, let’s talk about some funny vabbing moments that have graced TikTok screens:

The Confused Trainer: One vabber decided to dab right in front of their gym trainer. The trainer’s perplexed expression was priceless, making the video an instant hit.

The Dabbing Treadmill Incident: Another classic vabbing moment involved someone trying to dab while on the treadmill. Let’s just say it ended up being a hilarious, albeit unsuccessful, attempt.

The Unexpected Dab Battle: Picture this – two vabbers accidentally dab at the same time, leading to an epic and unplanned dab battle. Gym-goers cheered on, and it turned into a memorable workout session.

The Surprise Dab Cam: Some vabbers even go the extra mile by setting up a hidden camera to catch people’s reactions when they unexpectedly dab. It’s all in good fun!

FAQs about Vabbing

Is vabbing disruptive at the gym?

Vabbing should be done with a sense of humor and without causing any disturbance. It’s all about spreading joy, so be mindful of others around you.

Do I need to be a professional dancer to vab?

Absolutely not! Vabbing is about having fun, not being a dance expert. Just give it your best shot and let your inner dancer shine.

Can I vab alone or with friends?

You can vab solo or invite your friends to join in the fun. The more, the merrier! Just make sure everyone is on board with the idea.


In a world where fitness can sometimes be taken too seriously, vabbing at the gym brings a breath of fresh air and a lot of laughter. It’s a reminder that exercise doesn’t always have to be all work and no play. So, grab your camera, put on your quirkiest gym gear, and start vabbing your way to fitness fame on TikTok. Remember, a good laugh is the best workout, and vabbing proves it!

Keep vabbing, keep smiling, and keep the gym a fun place for all!

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